Step 2 – Calculating energy intake

To eat less I will need to know exactly how much I am allowed to eat.

To the calculator!

The amount of energy I would need to eat if I weigh 80 kg is: E = MBR × PAL.

Question now is, what is my MBR and PAL?

One way of calculating BMR is: BMR = 0,0485 × weight + 3,67 for a guy in my age.

Getting my PAL is in the vicinity of 1,4-1,6 (a sedentary lifestyle). I will go with 1,5. The exercise I will be doing I will not put into my PAL – perhaps when I do my exercises routinely. Instead I will use the energy I burn during exercises as a reward – having a little treat for myself (ice cream, candy, chips whatever).

The Total

So my limit of daily intake is: E = (0,0485 × 85 + 3,67) × 1,5 =   11,69 MJ

How much for lunch?

I will aim for 7 meals a day. The 3 usual – breakfast, lunch and dinner – and 4 meals between. 1 between breakfast and lunch, 2 between lunch and dinner and 1 after dinner.

Why so many meals? It is to prevent that I will get hungry – if I am hungry I will eat fast and overeat. So I will slice my 11,7 MJ into:

  • Breakfast – 15% (1,76 MJ)
  • 1st Snack – 15% (1,76 MJ)
  • Lunch – 20% (2,34 MJ)
  • 2nd Snack – 10% (1,17 MJ)
  • 3rd Snack – 10% (1,17 MJ)
  • Dinner – 20% (2,34 MJ)
  • 4th Snack – 10% (1,17 MJ)

Next step – calculating the energy in the food I usual eat.

Step 1 – Principles

My BMI is currently ca. 29 – above the recommended interval 20-25. So to get to below 25 I will need to lose roughly 15 kg – from 100 kg to 85 kg.

I don’t believe in diets – all (?) studies shows that they tend to add 2+ kg a year later. Secondly, starving yourself and then when you’re done dieting you start eating “normally” again – you are stressing your body unnecessarily.

How will I do it then?

Exercise is the best thing to do – even if you don’t lose any weight you will be doing yourself a lot of good. I’m already exercising, but I’ll need to step it up from 1-2 times a week and <20 minutes to the recommended daily 30+ minutes exercise daily.

Secondly, I must start eating like one who weighs 85 kg. This have a “built-in-feature” because it will give you an energy-deficit for one weighing 100 kg.

Thirdly, I will give myself a “bonus” – for each day I exercise I can “indulge” myself for a little extra treat.

To make it easy for myself I will not change what I am eating – just eating less and cut back on the energy-rich products (candy, sugar and fat). For this I will need to calculate the amount of energy that is in each “serving” of what I eat. That will be the real hurdle.

But first I will need to calculate the amount of energy I am allowed to eat.